Tuesday, 13 March 2012

First day on holiday!

Hey everyone!
So I'm attempting my first iPhone post because I'm on holiday!. I had a great flight and had to visit duty free! - I will try and post some pictures below :) I'm sorry the makeup post is rubbish! I managed to get the new YSL stain in 18 and my 3rd Chanel foundation! :)!
Speak soon lovelies xxxx

Thursday, 26 January 2012


Hey Everyone,
I am so excited that Jewel is finally moving ahead. With cosmetics as you can imagine the obstacles are massive and really hard to dodge. However, I'm happy with the progress of my newly formed business. I have made some fabulous contacts in America and I hope to be perusing my order this summer. Just before Christmas I received some amazing products from the USA however sadly I have had to put that venture on hold as their were to many problems with shipping & taxes and it was really slowing down any progress with Jewel. However, I have a fabulous product coming from America which will be ordered once Jewel is actively running as a business and I have the time to deal with such hurdles. 

My American Products which will be ordered later this year !

Look at the results after only two days use !

In the time between me and my order in the latter part of the year, I have created my own nourishing product which is going to come is as a special introductory offer, Just a little something special while Jewel is developing behind the scenes. 

Anyway, That was just a quick update !